Multicare X

Bed for critical and intensive care

It is a "facelift" of the Multicare 2 intensive care bed created by us. This Linet flagship has gained a completely new chassis, new headboards with large displays and a new user interface, a new two-color design and a number of other user-friendly and technical improvements. Thanks to these changes, this bed is still a competitive and unmissable product at the top of the world market, even after ten years of its production.

The Multicare X bed is the company's top model offering the widest range of functions and technologies. It is a rather complex product, which must unconditionally meet many safety and conflict standards in all possible positions and movements that it enables. The bed won the world's most prestigious Good Design Awards (Chicago) in 2021.

Realization: 2021

Multicare X 02+GD
Multicare X 03
Multicare X 04
Multicare X 05
Multicare X 06
Multicare X 08
Multicare X 09
Multicare X 07